Showing what’s possible: A new digital photo challenge

We’re exploring a new path for inspiration, creativity and collaboration for (at least) the next six months at Martin Picturesque. Five years ago, we boosted our creative energy with the #SamsungDigitalExperiment, in which we shelved our Canon gear in favor of Samsung digital cameras for two full years. The experimented ended with a result even […]

Is Canon getting serious about mirrorless?

What’s NOT in my camera bag… and might not be for the foreseeable future? Canon’s newly announced EOS R full-frame mirrorless camera and RF mount lenses. About a week before Canon announced its new EOS R with a dedicated lineup of RF lenses and adapters, I had begun spreading word among a few photographer friends […]

Who cares whether I shoot video?

Apparently, everyone does. As a professional photographer, I’ve asked the titular question as recently as a few weeks ago when pitching an editorial idea to an old acquaintance. It seems everyone cares whether I shoot video in this day and age, and I can see why. Please read on…