About Us


Martin Picturesque Photography puts you first. We have something for everyone and take great care to ensure your comfort and enjoyment before, during and after each session. We’re family photographers; we’ve photographed graduations and other life events of subjects that were in front of our lenses as babies. And with a strong journalism background and shooting style, you can take pleasure in knowing that your photos are more than just a collection of lovely images; your pictures will tell a story, one they’ll tell for generations to come. We capture images with passion, pride and sense of purpose.

With nearly 25 years of photography and over 10 years of fashion and photo journalism acumen, we pour our very best creative energy and ideas into every experience. We’re confident you’ll share in this passion every time you grace our lenses. We’re proud of our past and eager to create an even better future for ourselves and for you. We see that as our duty, purpose, honor, privilege and pleasure… our destiny.

“We capture images with passion, pride and sense of purpose.”

Ideally, your images will be photographed by the very best photographer for your needs, even if that means Martin Picturesque isn’t the right choice for you. If we’re not the right team for you, we’ll share some names of photographers who might be. Why? Because we’re committed to giving you the best experience available for you.

Please call us today at 26.72.705.030 for a free consultation and to schedule your first (or next) world-class experience with Martin Picturesque Photography. And if we cannot book you, remember that we can help you find someone we like who will. Let us start serving at your pleasure right now.